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Movie Summary [Junjou - Pure Heart - ]

Title: Junjou ~ Pure Heart ~ / 純情
Release Date: 2010
Language: Japanese
Enligsh Subs? - Oh Yes!

Cast:(actor - character)
Rakuto Tochihara - Keisuke Tozaki
Yuta Takahashi - Shousei Kurata
Mitsuyoshi Shinoda - Miyata Kazuomi

Basic Plot Summary:
Keisuke Tozaki is a freelance writer who, by total chance meets his high school crush, Shousei Kurata.
After the two go out drinking, they end up in bed together.... is this just a one time thing? Or could it be more?

My Thoughts:

May contain Spoilers!!!
And by 'May' I mean does!!! 
OMMMGGGG!i've been waiting forever to do this one! I totally love this movie!
Okay, I am a little bit biased....why?? Because I am completely in love with Rakuto Tochihara, ever since I saw him in RH Plus and One Missed Call 3...I've been a Tochihara Fangirl. It's shameful, I know. But have you seen that man?! Ah he's wonderful.

So you have been warned this part might not be 100% unbiased.

They are both really good actors! Really very talented. However, I think that they weren't able to show off their talents in this film, which was a shame really. I hate to compare films, but I have seen a lot of BL films and to me the interactions between the two guys felt a little awkward. I did find the kiss between them - when Kurata invites himself to Tozaki's wasn't the best kiss I've seen
...I think more practice is needed /winks/

Usually I really don't like the guy/girl who gets in between the perfect couple, but i didn't hate Kazuomi...he was pretty cool,  and you could tell that he really does care about Tozaki.
I mean, sure, I was screaming at him when he tried to kiss him but, hey, the guy likes him! And Tozaki stopped him, harm done!

Speaking of Tozaki, he isn't the usual weak uke that we see soooooo often in BL movies, I find that so refreshing! That makes me love this movie so much more!
Sure, he allows himself to get pushed around a bit by Kurata, but when he was accusing Tozaki of things he didn't do...he totally yelled at Kurata and stormed off. I LOVED IT!!!

No one accuses Tozaki of doing things he didn't do *sassy finger snap*

Although we do have the usual boys love element: Jealousy.
O where would we be without this fundamental element.
But all is good in the end, don't worry!

Speaking of which, the ending was so lovely. The role reversal: with Kurata waiting for Tozaki....that was pure perfection!

Another thing....That little happy giggle Tozaki did when Kurata sent him that text WAS FREAKING ADORABLE!!! And the love bite thing... Oh god I was fighting off a nosebleed.

Okay, I think I'm done with pointing out the good parts. 
But I really loved this film!!! 
Ah....i just....i cant say anything else <3

I rate this movie 


Because it's super cute and its actually nearly 85% accurate to the manga - usually when there is a film remake of a manga they either change it completely or cut out the important parts...yeah yeah I know some parts are different but the original storyline is there!
[Oh and i love Rakuto Tochihara.]

If you haven't seen this movie yet...What are you waiting for?! GO! WATCH IT NOW!
And leave a comment telling me (and everyone else) what you thought! 

Read the Manga!!
Its very good :D

Watch Online
Part 1 -
the rest are on this person's channel.

Screen caps:

Look at that face!
Ah he's so cute!

Ohhh Kurata you're so cool ^^
Oh course you do you man slut :)
*screams with joy*


If you like the OST like i do...the song is called Junjou by Aotsuki
And you can download it here!!!


  1. It was so cute when he said he got a hickey

  2. I love this movie too.
    Tozaki, when he wear glasses so kawaii ^_______^
    I cant say more than word,because my English is bad(--"

  3. OHMYGOSHHHHH !!!! I LOVE THIS MOVIE LIKE HEAVEN ! IVE SHOULD HAVE FOUND THIS SITE EARLIER !!! thnks for the information ! tthank you veryy much !

  4. Replies
    1. If by "bromancE" you mean men who have sex with each-other, also known as BL (Boys Love), then yes. Yes it is.

  5. prefer the manga than live action xoxoxo
    but i love this movie especially rakuto-kun (as tozaki) kkkk. he's so cute....kawaii overload *~*
    kurata in manga sooooo HANDSOMEEEEEE <3 . but i'm a little bit disappointed with kurata in live action T^T sorry ~ and also the acting so for me =,= kkkk overall i like this movie ^^ but manga still the BEST~

    thanks for this article <3
    & sorry my english so bad :p

  6. WAAAAH I watched this as my first BL movie and ended getting really into BL stuff. I used to go to this blog everyday and had this opened as a tab every time i went on. I noticed that it became popular around that time xD I'm glad people will get to see this, it's kind cute x)

  7. The whole movie is so sweet :">

  8. AHHHH! A; THE. BEST. DRAMA. EVER! >////< Ah, Rakuto-kun is just so cute!! >///< I hope he stars in more yaoi drama in the future. GAHHHH And did I mention that he's just so cute and sexy and THAT BODY! And-- *Rambles*
    But is Rakuto-san's attitude like that in real life as well? So adorable *w* I like him with this hairstyle, though >_< I saw him with loads of different hairstyles and he looks... Different ><

  9. WATCHED IT !! OMG, I fell in love with the movie! and when Tazoki said he has a hicky, SO CUTE !!!! >.<
    How the movie started and ended, perfect!

  10. Thank you very much for this wonderful movie. It is so sad and happy at the same time. I copies the poem down to keep. It is love.

  11. Loved this movie. Perfect love feels. Beautiful moments throughout but cut my heart most at the bus stop near end. Wow!!
    Cute Tozaki fun moments steals my heart. He so proud to have his hickey.


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