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Movie Summary [Boku no Kareshi wo Shoukai Shimasu]

Title: Boku no Kareshi wo Shoukai Shimasu / 僕の彼氏を紹介します
Release Date: 2009
Language: Japanese
English Subtitles: Nope

[Image from here ]
Hajime Namikawa ( 並河 一) - Shuhei
Nobumasa Mihara (三原 信正) - HentaiSensei
MOTO - Shinji
Seiya Yoshino ( 聖也 吉野) - Taiki
Takeshi Nahashi ( 根橋健)  - Shun
Tetsu Tojo ( 東條鉄) - Eiji
Tomoharu Okamura (岡村智治) - Souta
Jun Sakakibara (榊原順) - Kouki

I spent a long time romanising these names...I hope they're right, if not I sincerely apologise! Please let me know and I will correct it!

Basic Plot:
The film is split into 4 stories with 7 students and a school doctor
The first story is about Shuhei who is in need of guidance, so he seeks help from the perverted school doctor.
The second story is about Shinji and Taiki. Shinji is a good student who is very smart, one day he goes to school only to see that all of the guys, especially his best friend Taiki are completely naked.
The third story is about Shun and Eiji. Eiji is trying to shoot a film for a project but he can't find a girl to play the 'female role' Shun feels sorry for him and offers to help his friend out
As for the final story: it's Valentine's day and Souta is worried desperately wanting a valentine, all while his popular, attractive classmate Kouki is showered with gifts, when he asks him if he likes anyone Souta is surprised to find out that he does...(and we all know what that means!)

What to expect:
4 different tales of love, or lust...the first one is definitely lust on the Sensei's part!
Prepare yourselves for cute kissing and love scenes*
*I wouldn't say the sex scenes were particularly graphic, so don't worry about that...the noises and the moaning on the other hand...! *cough*

My Thoughts:
Potential Spoilers!!

Hmm, how should I describe this film...I would say that this film has a style which is similar to that of Pair of Love in terms of there being different stories, having said that: that is the only similarity! The characters never make contact or interact with each other like they did in Pair of Love. 

Regarding the plot, there are no subtitles for the first 3 stories so I went in completely blind. Please be aware that what I wrote for the storyline in the section above miiiiight not be 100% correct because although I could recognise a few words and phrases my Japanese is no where near good enough to be a reliable source of what these guys were chatting about!~ 
So this is a good opportunity to encourage you all to watch this film and work out what's going on for yourselves!

What I liked about this film was that the stories were varied and just the general upbeat feel of it. The actors were really attractive too especially HentaiSensei, Shinji and Kouki (in my opinion). I love crossdressing and Shun looked so cute dressed as a girl. Ahh sorry sorry I'm being superficial again ehehe.

There is just one thing that kind of lowered the whole experience for me and that was the sex scenes. I don't want to get into that here but I do have a quick rant about it on my personal blog HERE also there is a casual commentary and when I say casual commentary I mean I just write down the first thoughts that come into my head.
If you don't want to read all that crap, in short: I found the sex scenes to be unrealistic. Please don't hate me.

I know a lot of you would like this film: it's very sweet and very "Boy's Love-ish" but it's just not for me :)
I would have to rate this film

The theme song is "K+A+N+A+T+A" which was written and performed by MOTO
Unfortunately I don't have any download links and I can't find it online.

Screen caps:
These photos were from the ending credits! It seems like the film makers did my job for me ^-^


  1. Where did you find the cast names? I've been searching for a few months to find them. Thank you so much!

    1. Oh you're very welcome! The names were written in the ending credits :)

  2. where did you watch this movie? I cant find the 3 others stories. Just story 4 only. can you tell me where to watch this movie. I wanna watch this movie 2-3 years ago, but can't find it anywhere.

    1. I downloaded it, if you would like me to I will send you the links. Send me an email ( or send me a message on my tumblr ( and I'll send them to you ^^

    2. Can u please send me the links of the 3 different links please

  3. omg I wanna watch this one but I can't find the whole movie just the story 4 T-T huhu do you think you can give us a link to where we can watch the whole movie please and thank you :)

    1. Certainly! I can't give links out on this blog but if you would like me to send you the link you can email me ( or send me a message on tumblr ( and I'll send the links to you!

    2. Hi, I hope you don't mind that I've mailed you about this too...

  4. Before I start talking about the movie let me thank you Renya for sending me the links.
    If not, I wouldn't be able to watch it because I was only able to find the fourth story online.
    Thank you very very much!!! :)

    And now, about the movie... what can I say... I guess I'm still in some sort of shock?

    First of all, I can't still say if it was bad acting or poor filming skills (or both!) but the sex scenes were so bad!
    A good BL film (or any other) doesn't need to be graphic (although I don't mind), but if you are going to put some sex scenes, at least make it in a way it looks real!
    I'm just saying...

    Moving on to the second point, I don't think the stories are "to die for", but they were short stories, so I guess it's ok to pass some time.

    One good thing was that I thought that some of the actors were like candy for my eyes... they are something!

    And lastly, I gotta say that another good thing was probably the reference to Bokura no Ai no Kanade on the third story. It made my night!

    Oh, and by the way: poor cake! It looked yummy (and the strawberry in the ass was pretty funny!).

    Well, and that's all folks! ;)
    - My work here is done... *flies away*

  5. I enjoyed this movie but primarily watched it for story 4, Souta and Kouki. Kouki is really really beautiful but in a masculine way. I loved the storyline and whilst Kouki was clearly into Souta, Souta lacked the confidence to be all seme dominant. The coming together was really chessy and sweat and that valentine's cake looked sweat and

    As for the other 3 stories, it was all raging hormones and make believe.
    Story 1: HentaiSensei is twisted and I wasn't swayed by the storyline - it was smutty.

    Story 2: I liked this, Shinji came across somewhat superior but one could tell, there was lots going on under the surface. His longing for his best friend was palpable. Shinji finding Taiki asleep, Shinji simply falls down overcome with longing. Made me really laugh because I could empathise with that feeling.

    Story 3: didn't do it for me. I think it was a little mundane..... sorry.


    I posted this on behalf of Bernise who emailed me because the comment box doesn't seem to be working ^^;;
    Thank you Bernise for sharing your thoughts!!
    - Rena


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